International Museum Day

Hello Everyone!

International Museum Day (in German) will take place on May 16th. Due to the Corona Lockdown, there are over 900 online offerings, which has the added benefit of being able to virtually visit museums far and wide. Of particular interest to kids could be an interactive talk with the workers from the Museum for Communication, a tour of the Porsche Museum, a live tour of the Naturkundemuseum, a puppet performance of Puss in Boots from the Romantikerhaus Jena, Creative Design for kids with the Purrmann-Haus, and much more. They can explore exhibitions about knights and castles, do an online graffiti workshop with toothbrushes, watch livestreams from a Planetarium, build a tiny wheelbarrow with the bauhaus, check out old steam engines and build architecture with peas and toothpicks. See the whole line up on their website.

Let us know if you take part in any of these offerings. Check back soon for more fun links and tips.

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