Super Ferien Pass 2021

Hi Parents! The Super Ferien Pass is available again this year after June 7th from the JugendKulturService for just 9€!

From the 24th of June, you can use the coupons within the book, including free entry to the Berlin pools!!! (at this time with negative Corona test and time-window ticket), to the zoo and Tierpark, the Natural History Museum and the Technikmuseum, the Berliner Dom, the Waldschule Grunewald im Waldmuseum, and the Olympia-Glockenturm.

Additionally there are many coupons for discounts from 20-50% off for bowling, climbing woods, movies, creative workshops, mini golf, ice skating, a trampoline house and more. This is not only for the summer holidays, but also applies to offerings in the Fall, Winter and Spring holidays as well. There are two sides to the book, one for up to 11 years old, and one for 12-18. Besides the cost-saving factor, it is a good guide to the many different locations, organizations, workshops and events on offer for kids in the city that you may not have heard of otherwise. Last year we did a free astronaut workshop in a library for example.

You can buy the pass at Rewe after June 7th or through the JKS website.

Please note we are not paid to advertise and are only offering this as a recommendation that may be of interest to our community.

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