Happy Kindertag!

Hi Folks!

Next Tuesday June 1st is Kindertag! The history of Children’s Day can be traced back to the early twentieth century. In Turkey for example the Children’s Day has been celebrated on April 23rd since 1920 at the time the state was founded. The Geneva World Conference for the Welfare of Children in June 1925 first conceived of the Universal Children’s Day (now World Children’s Day) which is now honored by UN countries in November. Many other countries have their own versions, such as the Japanese Children’s Day on May 5th or July 24th in Vanuatu. There are many different days around the world: You can get more info here about which countries celebrate children on what dates, and some of the customs, on this Wikipedia page.

Image: Robert Collins, Unsplash

If you are a bit confused—Yes there are TWO Children’s Days in Germany! This is a relic from the Cold War.: The World Children’s Day celebrated by countries in the UN recognizes the need to support the rights of the child. Meanwhile, the “International” Children’s Day was celebrated in the DDR and countries in the Eastern Block, (starting in 1950) and is more of a party day for the kids where they are celebrated and get presents and have no school, and it continues to be observed today in Germany in particular in eastern parts of Berlin. The reason for choosing June 1st is not entirely clear, but is thought to be related to the Chinese Council who visited San Francisco for a Chinese Dragon Boat Festival at the time of the Geneva Conference mentioned above, who held a festival for orphaned children on the American west coast. 

Due to Corona, there is not much on this year, but you can enjoy a terrific online interactive lineup by FEZ with music, games and fun! They will even give free confetti by mail to the first 100 who sign up. For tickets and info go to their website.

At any rate, have a great day with your kids and be sure to make it a special one for them!

Please Note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of the event listed.

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