Barfuß Park

Hi folks! Happy Saturday!

Want to get out in nature but want an alternative to the lakes? Barfuß Park in Beelitz is a really fun and unique day outing for you and your kids. A beautiful park at the forest edge with pathways to walk along-barefoot: Experience all different textures under your toes including slimy mud, soft sand, prickly leaves, bumpy stones, cold water, and even walk on glass! They also have an herb garden and are offering a garden and wild herb session for kids during the summer holidays (in German) on Tuesdays from 11 -12:00. All participants will get to take a small sample of herbs home.

On June 30th they will be celebrating “The Day of the Feet” with special activities for school age kids, included in the ticket price.

Please note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of your experience.

Images: Barfuß Park

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