The Kids Should See This

Hi Folks! Happy Saturday!

If you are like me and conflicted about what your kid can or should be watching online, this is a terrific resource for videos that are not only appropriate for kids, but also fascinating for all ages. I was led to the site from a link to the beautiful slow motion high resolution video of moths taking flight from the scientist Dr. Adrian Smith-filmed at 6000 frames per second(!) in which the little critters look like sweet fuzzy muppets with wings.

The Webby award-winning website is free (donation based) and is curated for teachers and parents to bring smarter, more meaningful media to the classroom and beyond. There are over 5000 video links and so many cool topics too, including Science, Tech, Space, Animals, Nature, Activities, Food, DIY, Music, History, Art, Animation, and more.

Send us a message if you have any comments or other great resources to share! Follow us or check back for more fun updates!

Feature Image: Dr. Adrian Smith

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