A Word From Your Board

Hello Saturday Club families and friends! Here is another update from your board!

Take a deep breath… hold it… let it out. What a long, strange, difficult year it’s been! Last November we canceled the last few meetups of the year in the midst of a gathering lockdown, with the promise that we would be back as soon as it was possible, permitted and safe.

Now here we are in August! Our kids are back in school and KiTa (and our fingers are sore from being crossed in hopes that they will stay there), and we are so excited! Hygiene plans have been crafted, we are checking in with group leaders…

…but we’re stuck at a roadblock 😥 It looks like our beloved facility at Helen Doron English will no longer be able to sublet to us. So now we are looking for new premises in Pankow. We’ve put out a few feelers, but if any one has any ideas please let us know! We’re hoping to get this sorted and be back for you by mid-September!

Hoping to see all of you soon,
Your Saturday Club Board

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