Berlin Art Week

Hello Everybody! Happy Saturday! Hope you all enjoyed the first week back to school! Fingers crossed this year will not be quite as chaotic as last year!

Berlin Art Week is September 15th-19th and there are some really cool exhibits you can check out. One that may be really fun for kids is the “Park Platz” at the Berlinische Gallery, where they transform their parking grounds to an outdoor exhibit space, with interactive installations, actions, performances, workshops and video screenings.

Also be sure to check out one of the “Artist of the Year” at the Palais Populaire, promoting young emerging artists: The “Taiwanese Zhang Xu Zhan makes delicate papier-mâché figures and landscapes for his films and installations. His fairytale cosmos is populated by mythical creatures, singing animals and plants, and nature spirits.” Sounds amazing!

You can see the whole schedule on their website.

Please Note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of your experience. Use your own judgement when viewing art exhibits if you feel it is appropriate for your own child.

Featured Image: Sandy Volz.

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