Berlin Children’s Carnival of Cultures

Hi Everyone! Tomorrow, Wednesday September 22nd, there will be a costume parade and demonstration for the “Day of the Rhinoceros.” Kids will stamp and dance their way from the Ubahn station Unter den Linden to the Neptune Fountain at the Rotes Rathaus. It starts at 14:30.

Young dancers will show off their skills, and young kids (up to 14) can participate in a break dance battle. There will also be a “Spielmobile” with fun and games for the kids. Each year the parade chooses a different endangered animal to bring awareness to its plight. The goal is to awake awareness of nature, the environment, and different species of animals. The motto this year is “With a bit of courage, everything will be good,-I am a Rhinoceros” Better in German-“Mit etwas Mut wird alles Gut. Ich bin ein Nashorn.” A medical mask is required for all participants over 6 years old. For more info, visit the website.

Feature Image: Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

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