Anansi the Spider

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday!

If you are not familiar with the tale of Anansi, it is a West African folktale about a spider who plays the role of a trickster. It has since spread throughout the African diaspora. There are many different versions and tales of Anansi and as it originated as an oral story, the character is sometimes presented as the owner of all stories of the world. He somehow is able to transform his weaknesses into virtues.

This “Anansi the Spider” book (Ages 5-7) by Gerald McDermott merges the old and new, combining traditional African design and language rhythms.

You can watch this cool animated 4 and a half minute video from TedX explaining the myth of Anansi.

New Victory Theater is offering an On Demand production re-telling the Anansi stories through June 30, 2022. It is recommended for ages 3-8 and is three African and Caribbean folktales spun into one inventive 40 minute film, put together by UK’s Unicorn Theater. Made with their film partner, Illuminations, Unicorn Theatre’s Anansi the Spider Re-spun brings three folktales to the screen: Brother Anansi and Brother SnakeAnansi and the Two Dinners and Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom. You can rent it from the New Victory Theater website for $15.

Unicorn Theater and Illuminations

Please note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of the entertainment listed.

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