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Multilingual and multicultural families come in a wide variety of forms. Some families are mobile – they move temporarily or permanently from their place of origin to another place. Others are multicultural by by background – the parents come from different cultural and/or language backgrounds. Still others are multicultural by conviction – it is important to them that they and their children experience multiple languages and cultures, which they encourage through schooling, travel, and even relocation.

Multilingual and multicultural families are typically pretty aware of the considerable benefits of exposure to multiple languages and cultures – such as benefits to the brain and overall health, expanded academic and career opportunities, a better understanding of human diversity, and more. Many of us are also familiar with the particular challenges of being in a multicultural/multilingual situation! These can include children (or parents) who struggle in one or both languages, problems in school, problems navigating an unfamiliar culture or bureaucracy, or problems stemming from cultural or language differences within a family.

Here in Berlin we are lucky to live in a very lively melting pot of East and West, North and South, with residents who have lived their entire lives in Berlin living next door to transplants coming from as close as Brandenburg to as far as Australia. Berlin is unique in Germany in its open embrace of the multicultural world.

Saturday Club is a member-run organization committed to supporting this tribe of multicultural enthusiasts, with a special focus on one sub-tribe: those families for whom English and German are among the core family languages. We meet, talk about challenges, trade insights, and encourage our children (and each other) to become truly fluent in (at least) two languages and cultures.

Above all, we are dedicated to the idea that it is possible to become truly fluent in multiple languages and cultures, and that the pursuit of this goal has profound benefits for our family, our communities, and the world.

Welcome! We invite you to explore our website, including information on our regular meetups, Frequently Asked Questions about the club, our 2022 – 2023 calendar, who we are, our newest updates, and of course the ability to contact us directly for more information.

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