Prices and Membership

Q. What is the deal with the requested donation?
A. We are not a business; our club is completely member-run and depends on generous contributions of time, supplies and money from our members and friends. Virtually every event and meetup which we host involves expense (rent, administrative costs, professional group leaders for a kids’ event, supplies, etc.). To cover these costs, we typically ask for a voluntary donation (generally 3 – 15€) at each event.

Q. What are the costs and benefits of becoming a member?
A. The membership fee is 49€ annually. These costs go to cover rent and administrative costs of events and the club in general (flyer printing, website hosting, etc.). Because members have already contributed to rent and administrative costs through the yearly membership fee, the voluntary donation we request from members is 3€ less than from non-members. Members are also invited to every annual members’ meeting and have a vote in club affairs (including any changes in the membership fee and requested donations). Also please note: our membership year goes from August 1st to July 31st. If you join between February 1st and July 31st, you only pay 50% of the membership fee (24,50€) in the first year.

Q. Do you only take cash on the day, or are there other options for donation?
A. We are still in the process of getting our official documentation to allow us to get a bank account and provide tax-deductible donation receipts. Once we have this, we will have other ways to to take donations, but right now we can only take cash!

Bilingual Families

Q. My child is a “passive English speaker” – she understands English but prefers to respond in German. Can we join the meetups / become members?
A. Yes! We have many families like this, and the kids usually start to speak more English after they have been attending for a few weeks.

Q. My family is not native English-speaking (e.g. only one parent speaks English; or we speak German / other languages and my child attends a bilingual KiTa/school; or we are German / other but used to live in an English-speaking country). Can we join?
A. Definitely! Our club includes members from across the spectrum of bilingual and multingual families.

Q. My family is not native German-speaking (e.g. we arrived in Germany recently and we don’t yet have any German-speakers in the family). Can we join?
A. Yes! We encourage English-speaking families who are learning German to join. Especially families whose children are “jumping in at the deep end” in German schools will find support here! Please contact us if you are interested in German as a Foreign Language tutoring, classes, etc. – we have contacts for both adults and children.

Meetup Times and Locations

Q. When and where are your meetups?
A. Our core club time is Saturdays 13:30 – 15:00 at the Helen Doron Learning Centre in Pankow – just around the corner from the Pankow train station. (If you think Pankow is too far from you, check Google or the BVG website – you may be surprised! We are even less than 40 minutes from S Grunewald.) We are typically there every Saturday except for Saturdays before, during and after school holidays. See our Calendar page if you are not sure! We would also like to offer other meetups (also possibly on other days). If you have an idea for a meetup, talk to a member. We can help find a time, a room, even a group leader.

Please contact us if you have any questions, feedback or ideas!