You’re Invited to the Saturday Club Holiday Party!

Come one, come all to the Saturday Club Holiday Party! This Saturday from 13:30 – 16:00 we’ll be partying at our headquarters at the Helen Doron Learning Centre in Pankow. Music, food, drinks, crafts – fun for the whole family, and everyone’s invited! Members, regular visitors, former members, future members, curious people – join us as we celebrate the first anniversary of our move to downtown Pankow and our partnership with the Learning Centre, and five years of supporting bilingual families in Berlin!


Celebrating Winter!

Last weekend our preschoolers and toddlers had a great time learning about outer space! The toddlers enjoyed play dough and the preschoolers made planets and alien masks. THIS week, they will be learning about winter and the winter holidays that bring light to this time of short days. Among other highlights, they will hear about the Little Snowflake and his journey to find a friend… and the schoolkids will be giving us a report on what they’ve been doing the last five weeks! Join us this Saturday for the last regular meetups of the year! (Stay tuned for PARTY news for December 15th….)


Sharks, Whales, and more!

Last weekend the preschoolers enjoyed hearing about the time Gilbert the Shark lost his friend, and what he did about it – and many other things about sharks, whales and other denizens of the briny deep! Meanwhile the schoolkids read together, worked on mind-maps, and made up some pretty crazy stories together. Tune in for more fun on this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!