Saturday Club e.V.i.G. is an organization dedicated to supporting bilingual and multilingual English-speaking families. We were originally founded by a group of British-German families who wanted a place where their children could interact with other native English speakers and learn about the world and British culture. Since then we have expanded to support any family which is, or aims to be, bilingual or multilingual, if English is one of the family languages. We continue to be member-run and are in the process of becoming a registered German club (eingetragener Verein). Once we have completed this transition, any member will be able to participate in the development of the club through attending and voting at the annual meeting and volunteering for specific club roles.

Saturday Club supports the education and integration of our families and their members within our local communities and the larger English-speaking world. Member families are extremely varied; some speak English at home and send their children to German-speaking schools; others have one parent who speaks to the children in English and the other in German. We also have German-speaking families who send their children to international schools. Saturday Club families tend to be integrated in German society, or have this as a goal. In this context, Saturday Club supports them in maintaining a connection to the English language and culture.

The historical core of Saturday Club is a Saturday morning meet-up where English-speaking children ages 3 to 6 were guided in activities by one or more native-speaking or bilingual group leaders. This has now expanded a larger range of ages and activities.

Our goal is to provide support to this community in many more ways, including:
– An English-language lending library with children’s books and books about bilingual and bi-cultural parenting and family life;
– An online forum for parents and families to share information and advice about bilingual and bicultural family life;
– Presentations and information evenings about relevant topics;
– Events and celebrations commemorating holidays in the English-speaking world;
– Informational documents and in-person advice for bilingual and bi-cultural families facing challenges (such as problems in school, etc.);
– German language learning support for English-speaking adults and children seeking to become more integrated into the local community;
– Informational sessions and discussion meetups on political topics related to multiculturalism, multilingualism, and multinational families;
– Meet-ups for German native language families with advanced English skills.

Saturday Club is dedicated to the idea that families can be fully integrated into German life while maintaining a close attachment to another culture and language. Far from being “citizens of nowhere”, our member families are involved members of their local communities who are also dedicated to an open and connected world. We believe that every family which is fully integrated locally and also fully connected to another language and culture enriches, by its existence, its local community and the world.

Please see our updates page for current and upcoming events!

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