Saturday Club e.V. is an organization dedicated to encouraging multilingualism and multiculturalism in families. We are based in Berlin, Germany.

We were originally founded by a group of British-German families in Berlin who wanted a place where their children could interact with other native English speakers and learn about the world and British culture. Since then we have expanded to support any family which is, or aims to be, bilingual or multilingual. We still focus on English and German (although there are many additional languages spoken in our families).

We are a member-run, registered German club (eingetragener Verein) and have applied for non-profit accreditation. Any member is able to participate in the development of the club through attending and voting at the annual meeting and volunteering for specific club roles.

Saturday Club e.V. supports the development of multilingual families grounded in our local communities and connected to the word. The families who make up Saturday Club e.V. have many backgrounds. Some are families who came to Berlin from elsewhere in the world and are learning German and integrating into their local communities. Some families have one German parent, and one parent from elsewhere. Others are German families who have spent years in another country. We also have German families who have learned other languages while in Germany, and are dedicated to raising their children multilingually. We are open to all families who are interested in raising their children to speak more than one language.

Saturday Club e.V. is dedicated to the idea that families can be fully integrated into their local communities while maintaining a close attachment to other cultures and languages. Far from being “citizens of nowhere”, our families are involved members of their communities who are also dedicated to an open and connected world. We believe that every family which wishes to be integrated locally and also connected to other languages and cultures enriches, by its existence, its local community and the world.

Please see our updates page for current and upcoming events!

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