Saturday Club e.V. would like to expand our group-leading and admin team.

We are a publicly registered club in Berlin (based in Pankow) which has a goal of supporting bilingual and multilingual families in Berlin. Currently, our primary activities are meetups to support the English skills of children who already speak and/or understand English (usually they have an English-speaker in the family, formerly lived in an English-speaking country, or formerly went to an English-speaking school), but whose families would like them to have more English skills support (often, they go to German-speaking school or KiTa). We are not an English school and we do not provide formal English training (we do work together with an English school, see below for more info).

PLEASE NOTE that we are looking primarily for people who can work on Saturday afternoons, but candidates who are also interested in weekday work are very much encouraged to apply (see below).

We are looking for freelancers who can support us in one or more of the following ways:

Group Leader
A group leader is in charge of leading an activity meet-up. Our main meetups are from 1:30 – 3:00 on Saturday afternoons near the Pankow train station. A group leader needs to be at the facility 15 minutes before the session to pick up the lesson plan, familiarize themselves with the details, and prepare the supplies. During a typical session, the group leader greets the children, sings with them, reads with them, leads discussions, plays games with them, and helps them with crafts and special projects. The group leader needs to stay for 15 minutes after the session to clean up the room (vacuuming and wiping down tables are frequently necessary because of craft projects).

Currently we have three active meetup groups:
Preschool Group: Ages 3-6. The kids typically attend without their parents (when kids are new their parents are permitted to stay in the room). They can follow verbal instructions. They are typically non-readers. These meetups typically involve singing, picture books, games, and crafts.
Schoolkids Group: Ages 7-12. Kids need to already be comfortable reading in German or English before joining this group. In these meetups the kids practice reading, writing, listening and speaking. They also do multi-week projects and sometimes give presentations to their parents.
Toddler Group: Ages 2-3. This group is for toddlers and their parents. It’s calmer and more intimate than the Preschool group and involves songs and fingerplays, picture books, and simple sensory play. This group is only one hour and takes place after the other two groups (typically 3:15 – 4:15), because many toddlers are napping during our regular meetup times. At the moment, it meets maximum once per month.

We may also have other groups in the future (e.g. older children, subject-specific groups, groups for non-native English speakers, groups for kids learning German).

To be a group leader, the candidate needs to be a native or very fluent speaker of English. Obviously, group leaders need to be available on Saturday afternoons (we do have multiple team members, though, so they do not need to be available EVERY Saturday afternoon). A group leader can express a preference for working with children in a particular age range, but flexibility is preferred. Group leaders should have a background in working with children (e.g. English teacher, preschool teacher, music teacher for children, etc.). An EFL teaching certification is a plus.

Administrative Support
We are also looking for someone to help us with administrative activities. These could involve, but are not necessarily limited to:
– maintaining and expanding our website
– updating our blog and our Facebook page with notices of upcoming meetups
– answering requests on email and Facebook from potential or current attendees
– writing and sending our regular email newsletter
– maintaining our mailing lists and database of contact information
– physical marketing such as hanging posters and leaving our leaflets in public places
– running reception on Saturdays (greeting people, making sure they fill out the sign-up sheet, taking donations, handing out contact forms and giving information)
– maintaining our group-leading schedule: confirming what group leaders are leading what meetups, making sure they have the lesson plans and supplies they need, etc.
– supporting our club board with club admin activities (helping prepare annual reports, etc.)

To do administrative support, a candidate needs to be fluent in English. German skills are preferred. Availability on Saturday afternoons is a significant plus (but many of the above activities can be done from home on other days). Ability to self-organize and work independently is vital, as all of our board members are volunteers with full-time jobs elsewhere. We would love to have someone who is creative and interested in actively increasing our reach, membership and participation in our groups.

Info for All Candidates
At this point, we can only work with freelancers. Candidates who have already worked freelance in Germany and have a freelance tax number are preferred. For candidates who do not yet have permission to work in Germany, we can provide a letter of intent, but no other visa support. Candidates will need to sign a freelance contract in order to do the work. Invoices need to be submitted monthly.

Candidates should also please consider the length of their commute to us (we are the Pankow train station), because it may be that they only have 2 hours of work at a time.

A final note: we partner with an English school for children which works out of the same location on weekday afternoons and Saturdays. Candidates who are interested in additional work (also on weekdays) and possibly certifying as EFL teachers for children will be considered preferentially.

Please contact us if you are interested!