Events and meetups which we host generally involve one or more types of expense (rent, administrative costs, professional group leaders for a kids’ event, supplies, etc.). To cover these costs, we typically ask for a voluntary donation (generally 3 – 15€) at each event. Any money left over from these donations will go towards club projects like creating new meetups and building our new lending library of books and CDs, available to all members!

Saturday Club is in the process of becoming an official “eingetragener Verein” (thus e.V.i.G – “eingetragener Verein in Gründung”). We invite you to become a member of Saturday Club! The membership fee is 49€ annually. These costs go to cover rent and administrative costs of events and the club in general (for example, the yearly cost of the domain name). Because members have already contributed to rent and administrative costs through the yearly membership fee, the voluntary donation we request from you is 3€ less than from non-members. As a member, you are also invited to every annual members’ meeting and have a vote in club affairs. Please contact us to become a member!