Saturday Club Rules for Small and Big People

1. Don’t run if you can walk

2. Listen to instructions

3. Eating and drinking is allowed in the kitchen area only, unless otherwise specified

4. Play fair: No biting, hitting, kicking, throwing or threatening the safety or enjoyment of others

5. Watch out for others and if in doubt, ask or tell a group leader

6. Please don’t bring toys or kids’ mobile phones to the club

7. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom

8. Try to be helpful and tidy up

9. Safety: Safety has first priority. Please be aware of the club rules, as we may ask that you also help us enforce these rules from time to time.

10. Arrival / Child Dropoff: Please arrive promptly and are ready at the beginning of meetup time.

11. Child Pickup: If your child is attending a meetup on their own, please pick them up promptly. Any person unknown to the staff and leadership of Saturday Club will be asked to show a Photo ID when picking up a child. If their name has not been provided to us in advance, they will not be permitted to pick up the child, and we will call you.

12. Field Trips: As part of club activities we may go outside from time to time. We will ensure that every care is taken for safe passage for your child during outings. You will be given prior notice so that you can dress your child according to weather conditions.

13. Disruptive behavior: If it is not possible to calm down a disruptive or upset child, we reserve the right to request that they are collected early. If disruptive behavior continues over a longer period, we may ask that the child no longer participates.

14. Liability: Saturday Club can neither be held liable for any accidents, injuries of all kinds nor for theft, personal injury or physical damage happening to a participant during or after a session. We therefore ask that you leave all valuables at home. Materials such as paint and glue that may be used in the sessions are washable, however others WILL stain (and sometimes the washable ones do too!). Please dress your child accordingly. We accept no liability for clothes which are stained, marked or damaged.

15. Insurance: Whilst the venue has insurance covering accidents and injury on the premises, we expect families to hold a valid public liability insurance policy (Haftpflichtversicherung) including the participating child/children case of damage or injury caused by these.