Vorlesetag in Berlin

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday!

November 19th is the yearly “Vorlesetag” in Germany: The reading-out-loud festival takes place every year on the third Friday in November as an initiative to support and encourage children and parents to share books and stories together. To participate is easy: anyone who likes to read aloud should grab a story and read it to someone else. On the website you can sign up as a reader: Look under Vorleseort finden to find a place in your area (enter Berlin, there are three pages of places looking for readers.) Or you can find an offering for readings and related events to attend in your area. There are even some unusual locations participating including the Tierpark, museums, and the Planetarium. This year’s theme is “Freundschaft und Zusammenheit”–“Friendship and Togetherness.”: Put your zip code or “Berlin” in the search panel on the home page.

The website also has a Mediathek where you can see pictures of previous year’s Vorlesetage, and a video of a fairy tale in 13 languages!

Please note: we are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of the events listed.

Featured Image: Pexels

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