At the moment, due to Coronavirus regulations, we sadly can no longer have drop-in meetups. You can use this form to pre-register for an upcoming meetup.

Please sign up only one child at a time, for one meetup day.

Minimum group size is 3. Because of room size, our maximum group size is 6 for the Preschool groups and 4 for the Schoolkids groups.

Meetups are 60 minutes long. Our requested donation is 10€ per meetup (8€ for members). For schoolkids attending both meetups, the requested donation is 20€/16€.

The signup process is as follows:
We accept signups until noon on the Thursday before the meetup day. We will let you know on Thursday afternoon at the latest whether you have a spot, or are on the waiting list, or the meetup is canceled. If you have a spot, please transfer the donation by Thursday at midnight. If you are on the waiting list, we will inform you on Friday morning whether you have received a spot. If you receive a spot on Friday morning, please transfer the donation by Friday at midnight. If, after transferring your donation, you realize you cannot attend, we cannot return your donation.

Please note we have tried to make this process as simple as possible while minimizing the risk that everyone cancels at the last minute and we cannot pay our group leaders!