Halloween STEM and Craft Activities

Hello Everyone! Happy Saturday! Hope you are all ready for Halloween tomorrow as well as changing the clocks! Remember to “Fall back!”

Today we have put together some links to fun Halloween-themed STEM activities you can do with your kids. Hope you get to try them out. Most activities can also be modified for after Halloween as well. 

Little Bins Little Hands has some fun Halloween activities including:

-Making a pumpkin powered clock (using the kit for the potato one!)

Halloween bath bombs with googly eyes are a good way to learn about chemical reactions of acids and bases! (See featured image)

On Vivify Stem kids can learn about nature and physics while crafting spider parachutes, build candy grabbers and have a competition to see who can “grab” the most, or make a halloween pumpkin volcano with the trusty baking soda trick:

Lemonlime Adventures has this terrific tutorial on building structures using pumpkin candy and toothpicks. Of course you can experiment with different candies and different shapes, like gummy bears or jelly beans. Gummy worms might also be interesting!

Growing a Jeweled Rose has this really cute Ghost Rocket activity you can do using old film canisters.

For a fun craft, these coffee filter bats from Darcy and Brian are super cute and just creepy enough!

Featured Image: Pexels

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