Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it and we hope you enjoy the little break from school routines and such and can enjoy the time with your family and/or friends.

These beautiful stained glass cookies can be either hung as ornaments, left for Santa, or just gobbled up by your little cookie monster. Hopefully you can get the kids involved in the baking or the cookie-cutting at least! The recipe I found was on Simply Recipes. (See Featured Image, copyright Elise Bauer)

We can also celebrate yesterday’s Winter Solstice and rejoice that the days will finally start to get longer again!

A great book for kids to read about the Winter Solstice is The Shortest Day by Wendy Pfeffer, Illustrated by Jesse Reisch. It explains about the solstice, its’ history and customs, and includes some craft ideas in the back.

You can hear it read out loud (11 minute video) by “Mama Squirrel’s Witchy Wisdom” on YouTube.

A sweet craft for winter is this miniature wool wreath. You can read the step-by-step instructions on bella dia’s blog. Kids will need a bit of help cutting the wire and felt squares. You can also use squares cut from old sweaters.

Also, if you missed it last year, be sure to check out our post on fun Christmas crafts you can do with the kids using everyday objects and natural materials.

Featured Image: Pexels

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