Easter Artsy Workshops

Hi Everyone!

If you still haven’t made plans for the Easter Break and live near Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf, there are two fun workshops at the Jugendkunstschule Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf. In the first week, from 11.4-14.4 they will take kids to the Schloss Charlottenburg and explore all kinds of materials including drawing, photography, and building. In the second week, from the 19th until 22nd of April from 10-16:00, I will be leading an animation workshop called “Insel Adventure,” as the art school is located on the Mariendorfer Insel. Taking inspiration from the idea of “Insel in der Stadt”, kids can draw a storyboard come up with characters and backgrounds, then shoot and record their own animations. Both workshops will be in German.

Featured Image: Heather Sinclair

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