Discovering Plants and Gardens

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday!

There is now another reason to visit Beelitz besides the Barfuß Park and Baumkronenpfad: there is a garden show in the old town with a huge playground, regional food, and storytelling for kids. Parents can get advice on what to plant in their garden, which plants are “bee-friendly,” and how to care for them. Entry is free for kids up to age 15. (Entry for adults is 17€).

The Naturschutzjudend in NABU has a contest for little nature explorers to look for and document dandelions and other signs of spring in nature. Individual children or school groups can fill out a discovery diary, do a drawing or collage or even write a poem. The contest goes until the end of May. You can find out more, watch a video, and download or order supporting materials on their website.

There is a state-wide contest to plant insect-friendly herbs and flowers. Kitas and schools can apply for a free seed package including oregano, thyme, sage, chives, and lemon balm on their website. Individuals can also take part. There are different categories for the contest: balconies, private gardens, school or kita gardens, and more. What’s important is to transform a place that currently has no plants, to take pictures and share the transformation, and encourage others to do the same.

Garten der Welt in Marzahn is worth a visit as well. We quite enjoyed the “Konrad rides in the South Seas” playground (with water fountains to play in during warmer months), got lost in the hedge labyrinth, rode on the Seilbahn, and really liked the Japanese Garden. There is an all-season bobsled (on tracks) you can ride through the woods, that runs daily from 10-16:00. It was not in order when we went so I cannot say how it is, but it looks really fun. There are 3 playgrounds in total. You can also download “rallies” which are like treasure hunts for the garden from their website before going, to make your visit more interactive and perhaps interest the kids more in visiting more of the different gardens. The Gardens are a quite beautiful mix of architecture and plants around cultural themes and artisanal designs.

Featured Image: Pexels

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