Get out your dice!

Hi Everyone! We are finally ready to unveil our new pre-teen activity! We are going to be starting a Dungeons and Dragons group on Saturdays from 11:40 – 13:25. It will be run by a professional English-speaking dungeon master with lots of experience with kids. We’ll have a single open house session this Saturday June 25th, and another one during our open house on September 3rd, and then we’ll jump right in to a proper campaign after that. This session is a little different from our other sessions – for one thing, it’s 15 minutes longer than our regular 90-minute session, and also, we’re going to have a maximum of 6 kids in the group. So if you have a kid ages 10-14 who is interested in trying it out this weekend, please head over to our sign up form and let us know!

Featured Image: Pexels

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