Halloween Yogathon & Dance Moves

Hello Everyone! Here are some ways to get our bodies moving for your at home Halloween celebrations! More exercise means more sweets, right?

The wonderful Cosmic Kids Yoga has put together an amazing 106 minute Halloween adventure with yoga exercises, games and stories based on Harry Potter, Mimi the Mermaid, Ruby Broom, Spot the Spider and Fairy Floss!

If that’s not enough, you can also check out Cosmic Yoga’s 17 minute Ruby Broom Halloween video from 2017.

Miss Linky does a cute Halloween dance video for little kids (very easy!) to move like different monsters: a witch, a vampire, a zombie, a werewolf, and a skeleton.

Don’t miss the SUPER FUN Monster Moves Dance-Along video from Koo Koo Kangaroo!

On Go Noodle, you can enjoy this Spooky Party video.

Go Noodle also has a fun dancing skeleton video called Bones Bones Bones. The music is awful but you can learn the names of all the bones while grooving along!

Featured Image: Pexels

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