Wonder Ponder Christmas

Hello Everyone! Happy Saturday!

Wonder Ponder, the children’s book publisher focussing on philosophy for kids, has a free downloadable (donation requested) 7-page Christmas booklet (by Ellen Duthie and Daniela Martagón) encouraging kids to ask and answer questions, such as “what would make a good gift?” and “does getting presents make us happy?” and “would you give half your presents to a kid who didn’t have any?”

It also invites families to talk about traditions and has a drawing prompt to design a summer suit for Santa.

The booklet is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Basque, and English. Check out the Wonder Ponder website for more fun books and cards to encourage questioning and philosophical discussions with your kids.

Please Note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of your experiences with the publications listed.

Featured Image: Pexels

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